Today’s consumers care about what’s in their food. According to a recent study by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, consumers consider environmental, safety and social concerns when deciding which foods to buy. The study found the number one labeling concern for U.S. consumers is genetically modified organism (GMO) verification. In fact, the study found that 92 percent of consumers felt that food products should show proof of GMO or non-GMO content.

This increase in demand for transparency around GMOs requires a trusted and credible process for manufacturers and retailers to demonstrate that specific products contain no GMOs and are not genetically engineered (GE). The NSF Non-GMO True North verification program provides this assurance by setting requirements for product and ingredient segregation, traceability and testing. Producers (including ranchers and farmers), processors and manufacturers who meet these requirements can use the NSF Non-GMO mark on their products.

NON-GMO Certified True North The Non-GE mark (top right) is for NSF Non-GMO True North certified products that are regulated by the USDA, such as USDA regulated products, poultry and egg products.

The Non-GMO/GE mark (bottom right) is for all other NSF Non-GMO True North certified products.

When you see these seals on the package, you can rest easy knowing that the product has been certified by an independent, third-party certification and testing organization.