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NSF's automotive collision parts distributor certification closes the supply chain gap between parts manufacturers and repair shops by addressing the key role distributors play in providing quality parts. The program was developed with input from collision repair shops, collision parts distributors and insurers, and is publicly supported by a leading body shop trade association. Key requirements include automotive parts traceability and recall processes.

The program provides collision repairers, consumers and insurers confidence that those distributors gaining NSF certification meet the highest criteria for system management to address part traceability, complaint tracking and quality issues for both certified and non-certified parts. NSF certified distributors have the systems in place to quickly and efficiently resolve issues as they arise.

Benefits of Certification

Distributors certified by NSF can use the NSF mark on their website and promotional materials. The NSF mark is backed by nearly 70 years of experience and communicates to the marketplace that a distributor has met all of the stringent requirements for certification.

Collision repairers can be assured that an NSF certified distributor will ship the right high-quality part the first time and every time. Certification also provides distributors marketplace credibility with insurers and consumers. We extensively promote our automotive certification programs and co-marketing opportunities are available to help you promote your organization.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF International has nearly 70 years of experience certifying products, processes and organizations. We are highly experienced in testing and certifying automotive parts based on our Automotive Parts Certification Program. We also provide both, Friction Material Testing and Friction Material Registration services.

We can assist distributors in communicating quality requirements to their suppliers, customers and industry partners. NSF certified distributors may also use the NSF mark for promotional purposes. The NSF mark communicates your commitment to safety, quality and continuous improvement.

Certification Process

The certification process includes distributors having the following items in place:

  • An ISO 9001 certified quality management system
  • Business liability insurance
  • A part traceability and inventory tracking system that connects parts and repair shops
  • A system to track part complaints
  • Customer service procedures requiring timely order processing and communications

NSF certified distributors undergo ongoing quality systems inspections to maintain certification.

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