Consultant, Pharma Biotech

Phone: +44(0)1751 432999
Country: United Kingdom

Peter Savin has 37 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including a senior management career in multinational pharmaceutical companies, most recently as Vice President, Global Quality Assurance for GlaxoSmithKline.

Mr. Savin has experience in warning letter and consent decree remediation activities and is passionate about preventing the typical errors that organizations make in this situation. His other areas of expertise include:

  • Establishment of corporate governance processes for quality and compliance, including the development and improvement of quality management systems, audit processes and risk modeling
  • The definition, development and delivery of training programs for professionals, auditing, quality management systems and risk modeling
  • Leadership of corporate functions providing governance oversight and risk management of product quality and regulatory compliance
  • Corporate change processes including organizational designs, mergers and downsizings

Mr. Savin is the editor of GMP Review, providing expert commentary on new and existing regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.