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Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, our services are uniquely structured to assist you in measuring and improving your social and environmental impacts. We diagnose key risks and opportunities, design tailored and feasible solutions, and deliver results to build resiliency, operational efficiency and brand reputation.

Whether you are looking for consulting services across your organization, or specific to a product, a facility or supply chain, we can help. Our breadth of expertise and diverse capabilities enable us to effectively engage with a broad range of industries, and serve as a resource for your sustainability and corporate social responsibility priorities at any stage in your process toward a more sustainable business model.


A critical step toward more sustainable operations and procurement is to identify, understand and diagnose your current state. Our diagnosis services include:

  • Benchmarking: Assesses your environmental and social impacts, as well as your current industry position, to determine where your efforts and resources will have the most meaningful impact.
  • Materiality assessment: Determines the relative importance of sustainability issues to your business, community, investors and consumers.
  • Risk scan: NSF's proprietary tool, FIRST (Fully Integrated Risk Scanning Tool), identifies key environmental and social indicators and scans for their risk likelihood and potential impact on your company’s supply chain.
  • Impact assessment: Assesses products, facilities and/or supply chains using methods such as a lifecycle assessment (LCA), greenhouse gas inventories (GHG), footprints, waste audits and others.
  • Opportunity assessment: Helps you understand opportunities in terms of environmental and social impact, cost savings, technical feasibility and other lenses.


With an understanding of your sustainability impact and position, we can help you chart a course for continuous improvement on sustainability, through:

  • Sustainability strategy and goal development: Determines aggressive and achievable targets and initiatives for your company and industry.
  • Implementation plan: Allows you to meet your priorities, whether it's a supplier program plan or one that focuses on waste, energy, water or responsible procurement.
  • Policy development: Creates sustainability strategies and internal governance policies.
  • Supplier assessment: Compares existing supplier sustainability assessments and supplier engagement practices to best practices for current and future goals.
  • Verification design: Prepares you for facility or supply chain-level verification schemes, such as a customized corporate program, zero-waste (landfill-free) or other sustainability schemes.


NSF is a tactical partner for companies to deliver their sustainability and responsible sourcing goals. We offer solutions in:

  • Project management: We can oversee implementation of your entire sustainability strategy or aspects of that strategy.
  • Supplier engagement and training: We can share our knowledge, build relationships and promote thought leadership.
  • Data process management: We utilize TraQtion, our proprietary software, to track everything from sourcing compliance and facility data (energy, water, waste, etc.) to corporate policies and certification or verification priorities that align with your risk-management and sustainability goals.
  • Authentication and verification: We perform audits to recognized internal or external sustainability standards including responsible procurement of key commodities, animal welfare, environmental best practices and social compliance.
  • Sustainability reporting: We provide guidance, develop corporate sustainability reports and disclosure responses, and identify areas for future improvement. We can create customized reports or use reputable frameworks such as the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures), B-Corps, TSC (The Sustainability Consortium) product toolkits and others.

Why Work With NSF?

We are dedicated to helping global clients promote brand responsibility, improve operational efficiency and manage environmental and social risks.

We diagnose impacts using scientifically-based methodologies and innovative software platforms, design strategies and action plans that are both feasible and impactful, and deliver results by helping implement solutions that meet corporate objectives and align with key stakeholder priorities.

Our highly passionate and qualified team of global professionals provides thought leadership and quality deliverables, furthering NSF’s broader mission of protecting and improving public health and safety worldwide.

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