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Product category rules (PCRs) allow for review and comparison of different environmental product attributes among products in a defined category.

As an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) eligible program operator, NSF’s National Center for Sustainability Standards can guide industries, trade organizations or individual companies through an ISO 14025-compliant process to develop a PCR for their product categories. We use an open consultative process to develop PCRs with participation from expert stakeholders in product manufacturing, supply chain management, regulatory, environmental consulting, life cycle assessment and other interested parties.

NSF Developed PCRs

Please select a link below to view or download the product category rules that have been developed for the following product categories:

Why Work With NSF?

With 75 years of experience testing and certifying products for safety, health and the environment, NSF International is dedicated to greater transparency in product environmental reporting. As a program operator, NSF can assist your company in developing product category rules (PCRs) across multiple product groups and industries. We can expertly guide your organization through an ISO 14025-compliant process to develop a PCR for your product categories.

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